Alpine Hearing Protection is the largest producer of generic hearing protection with an acoustic filter system. The products and packaging are comfortable, high-value and innovative. In this way Alpine provides the option for anyone wishing to enjoy his or her auditory experience in the most comfortable manner possible without the danger of future hearing loss or impairment or any other negative issues such as a lack of sleep or fatigue, for example.

Our Mission

The prevention of damage to hearing and to bring peace and quiet to as many people as possible by supplying extremely comfortable and durable hearing protection with special muffling filters.



Castelli Prosecco R long sleeve baselayer black men Castelli Prosecco R long sleeve baselayer black men (18524-010)

The Castelli Prosecco R baselayer is made of Prosecco mid-weight fabric to keep you dry with a bit of insulation as well. It has a cut to fit under any Castelli jersey. Flat seams ensure high comfort. Tip: keep in mind that the Castelli clothing fits smaller than normal.


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