Interactive bicycle trainers

Interactive bicycle trainers



Now you can control your climate while you workout indoors, with the Wahoo KICKR HEADWIND. More than just your average fan, the HEADWIND pairs with your Wahoo trainer, compatible training programs, heart rate and speed sensors and will adjust the airflow to match your efforts. Alternatively, there's an option for manual operation. The powerful vortex fan delivers high-velocity cooling in a very targeted area to ensure none of the cool air is lost. Specifically designed for use with the KICKR DESK, although effective on its own, the wheels allow you to roll the fan into position when attached to the desk.


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Take your indoor training up a notch with the Wahoo KICKR CLIMB Indoor Grade Simulator. The CLIMB adds physical grade changes to match the virtual terrain and resistance of your ride; you will get the most immersive and realistic experience possible and it will further enable you to work on your climbing muscles and pedalling technique. This unit will physically adjust your bikes position to match the gradients of your workout or can be manually adjusted via the included remote that attaches to your handlebars or slots into the top of the CLIMB when not in use. Unlock and lock climbing modes allow the CLIMB to react to gradient changes from external sources such as Zwift, or solely to remote control commands.

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Wahoo KICKR Power cycletrainer Wahoo KICKR Power cycletrainer (WFBKTR118)

The indoor trainer of choice for Team Sky and 2019 Design & Innovation Award winner, the Wahoo KICKR Power cycletrainer has had a complete overhaul, for now virtually silent operation and an increased resistance of 2200 watts. With improved responsiveness and a more 'real' ride feel, this trainer gets as close as possible to riding outside. Accuracy remains excellent at +/- 2%, and climbs up to a gradient of 20% can be simulated. Compatible with virtually all training apps, the KICKR can also be paired with the KICKR CLIMB and the new KICKR HEADWIND for a more immersive and comfortable training session.

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Wahoo KICKR CORE cycletrainer Wahoo KICKR CORE cycletrainer (WFBKTR4)

The Wahoo KICKR CORE cycletrainer is ideal for those looking for a more affordable direct drive turbo trainer that still features much of the technology of the brands top-end KICKR. The ride-feel is realistic and the trainer quiet enough not to disturb your neighbours, while the strongest riders should be satisfied with the 1800 watt power maximum. Compatible with the KICKR CLIMB (sold separately), you can fully immerse yourself in your indoor training, and outputted results are reliable and accurate to +/- 2%.

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Wahoo KICKR SNAP cycletrainer Wahoo KICKR SNAP cycletrainer (WFBKTR3)

The Wahoo KICKR SNAP makes indoor training a "snap!". It's a convenient, easy to set-up wheel-on smart trainer with the realistic ride experience Wahoo smart trainers are known for. The SNAP's legendary flywheel features technology that creates the same resistance experienced when riding outdoors. Plus, no other indoor bike trainer has more software training options, including Zwift and Trainer Road. The KICKR SNAP includes LED lights for connection status, third party power meter support, and the power measurement is now accurate up to +/-3%.

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Tacx Neo 2T Smart cycletrainer Tacx Neo 2T Smart cycletrainer (T2875)

The Tacx Neo 2T Smart cycletrainer is without question the most powerful, realistic and accurate Smart direct drive trainer to date and even quieter than ever thought possible. The motor is redesigned in order to deliver a much higher torque to provide a better indoor cycling experience and ride feel, especially during climbs and sprints. It still has the acclaimed features like Road feel, Dynamic inertia and Descent simulation. The Pedal stroke analysis is improved and can now be viewed with third party apps, enabling you to improve your power distribution and cycling performance with the software of your choice. This bike trainer is also easier to use as it is compatible with almost all rear axles directly out of the box.

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Tacx Flux 2 Smart cycletrainer Tacx Flux 2 Smart cycletrainer (T2980)

The Tacx Flux 2 Smart cycletrainer is an interactive Direct Drive bike trainer, suitable for cyclists who like to go to extremes or improve their climbing skills. The Flux 2 Smart can simulate an incline of 16% and with a maximum sprint resistance of 2000 watts the device is even more powerful than its predecessor. The Flux Smart cycletrainer works with an electromagnetic brake with the advantages of being silent and maintenance-free at the same time. The trainer can be connected to other devices with ANT+ and Bluetooth. This allows you to interact interactively with the Tacx application or software such as Zwift.

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Tacx Flux S Smart cycletrainer Tacx Flux S Smart cycletrainer (T2900S)

The Tacx Flux S Smart cycletrainer is an interactive Direct Drive bike trainer with a maximum resistance of 1500 watts and is able to simulate inclines up to a 10% gradient This offers sufficient possibilities for a solid indoor training. The device is relatively quiet due to the electromagnetic brake and the heavy flywheel makes cycling feel realistic. The trainer can be connected to other devices with ANT + and Bluetooth. This allows you to interact interactively with the Tacx application or software such as Zwift. Training on wattage is very easy due to the accuracy percentage of up to 3%.

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Tacx Bushido smart Cycletrainer 19% discount Tacx Bushido smart Cycletrainer (T2780)

The Tacx Bushido smart Cycletrainer is the interactive Smart trainer with the most powerful resistance unit. Its electric motor brake, with a maximum resistance of 1400 Watts, ensures smooth pedaling, even during steep climbs. The Bushido is extremely user-friendly. Instead of training with a handlebar computer you can connect the trainer to the Tacx Cycling Apps (not included) quickly and easily.

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Tacx Satori smart Cycletrainer Tacx Satori smart Cycletrainer (T2400)

The interactive Tacx Satori smart Cycletrainer uses complex technology in a user-friendly fashion. You can connect the Satori to the Tacx Cycling apps quickly and easily. The Neodymium magnetic resistance unit is fitted with a system that measures the position of the magnet. It communicates to the tablet or smartphone using ANT+ or Bluetooth wireless technology.

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