Original BUFF was born in Igualada, 80 kilometers away from Barcelona. Today, the headquarters continue located in this famous textile industry region.

BUFF products are not just practical. We bring to all our collections a unique feeling. As a result, our products are ready for extreme sports, friendly hikes and daily urban use.

We look beyond, we escape the common and we look for new challenges. Every single day.

The most popular BUFF product is the multifunctional tubular, the Original BUFF. We have proudly created an original and practical garment to protect you under all kinds of weather conditions, from extreme cold to wind and sun.




BUFF Run visor R-solid black BUFF Run visor R-solid black (115096999)

BUFF Run visor R-solid black Lightweight and easy-to-pack Buff headband with flexible visor with shape memory and larger size to protect from the sun. It offers 98% UV protection. The Run visor is made of stretchy Coolmax Extreme fabric and absorbs forehead perspiration. Further it provides excellent breathability and humidity control. Comfort seams with elastic bonding technology that joins fabrics without thread, creating a seamless garment with an optimal fit. It has a reflective BUFF logo on the front to increase visibility in poor light conditions


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