Cycling maintenance

Cycling maintenance


Parktool Anti-Seize Compound ASC-1 Parktool Anti-Seize Compound ASC-1 (PTASC1)

Park Tool Anti-Seize Compound reduces friction in threaded and press fit connections for easy assembly and disassembly. Ideal for bottom bracket and pedal threads, pressed headset cups, seat posts, quill stems, etc.


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Parktool Floorpump PFP-8 cyclingtool Parktool Floorpump PFP-8 cyclingtool (PTPFP8)

Robust and versatile! For example, the PFP-8 is the ideal floor pump for private use in garages, workshops, etc. The pump has a universal pump head, suitable for sclaverand, car and dunlop valve.


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CarbonPro Wet Lite Lube 50ml 12% discount CarbonPro Wet Lite Lube 50ml (CP-10041)

The CarbonPro Wet Lite Lube 50ml is specifically designed to provide protection during wet conditions. This lubricant ensures that water does not penetrate into the rotating parts and therefore goes against corrosion.



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