Giro was founded over 30 years ago by Jim Gentes, a man obsessed with answering unfulfilled needs and design.
This obsession has led him to create his own products, and has resulted in a company that wants to serve the rider through advanced performance and personal expression.
The world around us has changed dramatically over the last 3 decades, but Giro has remained determined to serve his enthusiastic riders.

For weeks Giro has been discussing the differences of a millimeter of a helmet, the bevelled edge of a ventilation opening or in a shoe.
Giro is a brand that sweats the details, the attention that Giro pays to the details is what sets them apart.

At Giro they understand that riding is more than just a hobby, this is the best part of a great life and your equipment has to be top notch right down to the last details.
As long as you continue to strive for greater performance, faster and better. Giro will continue to develop the equipment that goes with it!



Giro Aerohead mips cycling helmet matt grey / firechrome 25% discount Giro Aerohead mips cycling helmet matt grey / firechrome (200170)

The Giro Aerohead mips cycling helmet is designed in a wind tunnel and tested on the track. During world championships such as the Tour de France and Ironman the helmet has proven itself with record breaking times. This Aerohead mips helmet uses the same wind increasing silhouette as the Aerohead ultimate, but has even more ventilation to keep cool when the competitor is hot. It has been proven to increase cooling while remaining aerodynamic using wind tunnel ventilation, internal ducting and a polycarbonate shell. In addition, the helmet has a lens that provides an impressive field of view, which is also easy to fold up via a magnetic system on top of the helmet (perfect for a quick swim to bike transition).



  Your discount €75,- (Incl. VAT)

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