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Orca Daily backpack 11% discount Orca Daily backpack (JVBX01)

The new Orca Daily backpack combines a casual design with the compartments that every triathlete needs in their day to day. It has five spaces: one with padding designed for a computer, another for storing wet clothes and three more compartments for storing everything you need. The backpack that is adapted to your daily life.



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Orca Neoprene swim hat orange Orca Neoprene swim hat orange (GVBA54)

The Orca Neoprene swim hat orange is perfect for reducing heat loss from your head so you can stay comfortable in the water with no chin strap. The hat is held in place via a velcro strap at the back of the hat means you can adjust it for the perfect fit without any potential discomfort under the chin. Made of 2.5mm neoprene, and with a curved rim design to fully cover the ears, the Swim Hat is perfect for reducing heat loss from your head so you can stay comfortable in the water for longer.


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Orca Swimrun Safety bag bouy 10% discount Orca Swimrun Safety bag bouy (JVBV54)

The Orca Swimrun Safety bag bouy will make you more visible in the water and provide you with a flotation device to hang onto. With its watertight compartment, you can store your things, keeping them safe and dry. A practical and essential safety device for your swimrun competitions and training sessions.



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Orca Swimrun pull buoy Orca Swimrun pull buoy (HVBG01)

This Orca Swimrun pull buoy is specifically designed for swimrun. Its two side cords make it possible to fasten it to your leg and carry it on the outer part while you run. When it’s time to get in the water, simply turn it to place it between your legs to help prevent you from sinking. This solution makes up for the loss of speed that comes with wearing trainers in the water. Thanks to its great buoyancy, it keeps your hips on the surface and your lower trunk stable. Transport the Pull Buoy comfortably so it doesn’t bother you while running.


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Orca Swim board Orca Swim board (HVBM01)

The Orca Swim board is a big help so you can focus on improving your kicking technique and strengthening your lower body. Its high level of buoyancy keeps your upper trunk firm and elevated so you can makes the most of your kick.  Comfort
You can grab the side or use the two middle openings. Complete
This is the perfect complement to your Orca swim fins Materials: 100% EVA


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Orca RS1 swimskin blue women 10% discount Orca RS1 swimskin blue women (HVSB04)

When you’re not allowed to use a wetsuit, the Orca RS1 swimskin blue women is the perfect choice for extra buoyancy, support and better hydrodynamics. Its completely waterproof fabric prevents water absorption while minimising friction when moving through the water. Its super compressive properties help keep your core stable longer. This suit has been designed for an extremely close fit, which in spite of making it a little more tedious to put on, will benefit you while swimming, without affecting the transition. The RS1 Swimskin also comes in a version with sleeves, so you can choose the combination you like best.



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Orca Beginner paddles orange/black Orca Beginner paddles orange/black (HVBQ54)

If your arm stroke technique is less than perfect, but you want to improve your strength, the thinner upper part of the Orca Beginner paddles orange/black will make your training easier. Their ergonomic shape adapts perfectly to the palm of your hand.  Materials: 90% Polypropylene 10% Silicone


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Orca Urban waterproof backpack 10% discount Orca Urban waterproof backpack (GVAH01)

The Orca Urban waterproof backpack can carry everything you need while on your bike ride, or enroute to the start line on race day secure in the knowledge that what’s inside will be kept 100% dry. This 22L PVC backpack’s seams are completely heatsealed with roll top construction to make this bag waterproof. The addition of a mesh side pocket and waterproof side pocket helps you store smaller items securely for easy access. A padded back panel with curved shoulder straps and adjustable sternum strap keeps this bag comfortably in place while a handy helmet compatible shock cord system on the front of the backpack keeps your helmet securely stowed. 



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Orca Pro paddles orange Orca Pro paddles orange (HVBP54)

The Orca Pro paddles orange are made for the most demanding strength training, its larger surface and flat shape make a proper arm stroke technique necessary for its correct use. Materials: 90% Polypropylene 10% Silicone


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Orca Mesh swim training bag Orca Mesh swim training bag (HVBK01)

The Orca Mesh swim training bag is a practical rucksack which is perfect to carry your swimming gear to and from training sessions. The mesh fabric lets accessories dry faster and the side cords make it comfortable and easy to carry. It’s the essential accessory for your training sessions in the water.  Materials: 100% Polyester
Dimension: 74 cm x 46 cm


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Orca Swim fins orange Orca Swim fins orange (HVBN54)

Orca Swim fins orange are designed to improve your kicking technique and increase your flexibility at the ankles. Increase your body’s resistance and the strength of the muscles used for kicking. They also offer homogeneous resistance for a fluid, natural movement in the water. Strengthen your kick and performance. 


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Orca Training bag Orca Training bag (HVBJ01)

The Orca Training bag is the sports bag you have been waiting for. Perfect for your daily training sessions at the track, gym or pool, it’s also an ideal accessory for your everyday activities. With the Orca quality seal, it has everything you need: several storage areas and a separate water-tight compartment for your sports shoes or damp clothes. A practical and versatile rucksack to move around on the road. 


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Orca Safety buoy Orca Safety buoy (FVA554)

Orca Safety buoy: fully waterproof compartment keeps your valuables dry and secure. High Vis orange colour makes sure you are clearly visible to lifeguards and boats while swimming out in the openwater. Fully adjustable waist and connecting strap mean you can get the fit you require without interfering with performance or swim style. If you're looking for a swim aid that will not only keep you visible and secure in the open water, but also store your valuables safely while you're out there. Note: This buoy IS NOT a life saving device. Open water swimming is a dangerous sport. Never swim by yourself, always have a buddy swimmer with you or swim in a group.


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Orca Mesh backpack Orca Mesh backpack (GVB001)

The Orca Mesh backpack is a handy ventilated backpack for carrying your swim essentials around. An 18L waterproof storage compartment with ventilating mesh panel and 3 eyelet drainage holes at the base provide a superb carrier for your swim essentials while a mesh side pocket is the perfect spot for your drink bottle. Adjustable back straps make this bag comfortable to transport. A handy hanging zip pocket protects your valuables keeping them separate from any wet swimming gear.


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Orca Mesh swim bag Orca Mesh swim bag (GVA201)

This Orca Mesh swim bag is handy for carrying your swim essentials, while also having a waterproof back zip pocket to protect your valuables. This multipurpose bag with a drawstring top and waterproof base and back panel protects your back from water, while three eyelet drain holes allow excess water to drip out the bottom of the bag.


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Orca Silicone swim cap black Orca Silicone swim cap black (DVA001)

Molded of high quality silicone, the Orca Silicone swim cap black will make you even faster through the water with its stream-lined design. Perfect for both pool and open water swimming, made in a 'one size fits all' size. 


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Orca Silicone swim cap orange Orca Silicone swim cap orange (DVA054)

Molded of high quality silicone, the Orca Silicone swim cap orange will make you even faster through the water with its stream-lined design. Perfect for both pool and open water swimming, made in a 'one size fits all' size. 


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Orca Core brief blue/green men Sale Orca Core brief blue/green men (DVS484)

The fabric is treated in Italy to prolong it’s life under chlorine’s attack so the Orca Core brief blue/green men can stand up to more rigorous pool training than standard non-treated fabrics – lasting up to 240hrs in the pool. UPF 50+ rating keeps you protected for longer while you’re out on the course. Unrivalled stretch and next-to-skin comfort with water repellence and "low-cut" elasticated waist with performance sports draw cord. 



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Arena Instant anti-fog spray 1 10 8 8/10 Arena Instant anti-fog spray

Top, The perfect no fog.......

Arena Instant anti-fog spray 1 10 10 10/10 Arena Instant anti-fog spray

Prodotto funziona molto bene , fine della nebbia . Consigliato

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