Quad Lock

If you own a smartphone you'll know how handy it can be to look up a location and be guided there with audio and visual directions. This is great when walking or driving but what if you're riding a bike? If you've tried you'll know it's very difficult to pull the phone out of your pocket every time you need to check your still going the right way. It can also be downright dangerous for your smartphone if you lose your grip in the process.

This is the exact problem that led Melbourne based designer Chris Peters to develop a solution that would allow you to get your smartphone out of your pocket and safely onto the handle bars of your bike.

Quad Lock, as it's called due to the four tabs which are integral to the patent pending system, is a unique solution which allows you to securely and conveniently attach your smartphone to your bike, car, or arm and that's just the start of the many mounting options available.

Quad Lock


Quad Lock poncho Samsung Galaxy S8+ protective cover Sale Quad Lock poncho Samsung Galaxy S8+ protective cover (130224)

The Quad Lock poncho Samsung Galaxy S8+ protective cover is a super tough water resistant slip on cover for your Quad Lock equipped Samsung. Made from tough crystal clear TPU, the Poncho adds an extra level of protection while keeping mud, rain, sweat and dust out of your phone's buttons and ports while you ride. The soft TPU casing allows use of the volume and sleep/wake buttons and the thin screen cover allows full functionality of the touch screen. Simply slip it on when you need it and stow it away when you don't. The TPU material is very durable so you can store the Poncho in your pocket or bag without damaging it. Note: If you are using a thick screen protector on your phone with the poncho, this may affect the touch screen ability.



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Quad Lock case Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Sale Quad Lock case Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (121343)

Due to popular demand, the Samsung series are back! Introducing the latest addition to the range, the Quad Lock case Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The case features an impact absorbing TPU outer shell and tough poly-carbonate core, providing great protection for your device. A soft microfiber internal lining keeps the rear of your phone looking brand new. The Quad Lock case is compatible with the entire range of Quad Lock Mounts. The slim profile and impact absorbing materials make it perfect for everyday use.



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Quad Lock run kit Samsung Galaxy S8+ sports armband Sale Quad Lock run kit Samsung Galaxy S8+ sports armband (121350)

The Quad Lock run kit Samsung Galaxy S8+ sports armband is the ultimate sports armband for runners, joggers and gym goers. The Quad Lock run kit is comfortable and lightweight and fits easily over activewear. No longer will you have to struggle trying to fit your Samsung into a neoprene or plastic pouch. With the Quad Lock run kit you are only a click away from easy access to your Samsung and you can be confident that it is securely attached to your arm. Now your Samsung can be fully utilised to track your runs via apps like Strava or navigate your city with ease using Google Maps.



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