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Neoprene tops


Orca RS1 Openwater neoprene top men 2020 9% discount Orca RS1 Openwater neoprene top men 2020 (LN22)

The Orca RS1 Openwater neoprene top men is the perfect option for the Openwater swimmer who appreciates the extra options offered by a two piece wetsuit. The Openwater RS1 wetsuit offers ultimate flexibility with enough added buyancy and warmth to conquer the seven seas in comfort. 



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Zone3 Neoprene long sleeve baselayer Zone3 Neoprene long sleeve baselayer (NA18MUWB101)

The Zone3 Neoprene long sleeve baselayer provides a fantastic layer of extra warmth and insulation when swimming outdoors or doing other watersports. Having tested many of the existing products on the market Zone3 felt that it was necessary to add the back zip otherwise it’s almost impossible to take this close-fitting style top off.  The base layer is made from Yamamoto Smoothskin neoprene with a 1.5mm thickness which offers a high level of flexibility and movement. The top is designed with a lower cut hem and has an internal smoothskin finish which helps to keep the base layer in place and the high neck helps provide extra warmth whilst still being very comfortable. The zip is made by world leading manufacturer YKK and the product is designed to be put on normally but then taken off through the legs. 


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Orca Neoprene long sleeve baselayer 8% discount Orca Neoprene long sleeve baselayer (FVAV01)

The Orca Neoprene long sleeve baselayer has a long body length with a special gripper hem panel helps to keep water out of the base layer and so increase warmth. Flexy 0.5mm neoprene underarm panel allows for great freedom of movement in this base layer, whether worn by itself or under a wetsuit. 0.5mm neoprene with jersey lining makes this base layer easy to get on and off and comfortable against the skin.



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Orca Heatseeker vest neoprene sleeveless baselayer unisex Orca Heatseeker vest neoprene sleeveless baselayer unisex (MAZ1)

The latest generation Orca Heatseeker vest neoprene sleeveless baselayer unisex is a thermal base layer designed to worn under a wetsuit in cold water, or to provide core warmth for other recreational water sports. The vest is constructed from a 2mm open cell neoprene to provide an additional barrier against cold water and wind chill. Worn under a wetsuit in the water or as a base layer above the water, the Orca Heatseeker will be a valuable addition to water sports enthusiasts' gear bags.


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Zone3 Neoprene sleeveless baselayer Zone3 Neoprene sleeveless baselayer (NA18MNWV101)

This Zone3 Neoprene sleeveless baselayer is designed as a thermal baselayer to be worn underneath a wetsuit to give extra warmth during cold water swim training or for any other water sports where an extra layer of warmth is needed. The 2mm neoprene layer is tight fitting and has a high neck for fuller coverage and a single seam for extra comfort. There is a titanium coating applied to the internal material to help maintain the body's warmth. Made from open cell neoprene on the inside and super-stretch material on the outside and then glued and blind stitched. 


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