Wetsuits kids

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Wetsuits kids


Blueseventy Torpedo kids wetsuit 10% discount Blueseventy Torpedo kids wetsuit (WSTFS-17-BLK)

This Blueseventy Torpedo kids wetsuit is made for is specially made for the younger generation. Because the kiddos are always watching, and learning by example. So when it is their time, they are ready. And before you know it, they are flying by on your side. Tailored for ages 8 to 12 years old, with all the benefits of warmth, buoyancy, and safety, it is just right to take young athletes from the pool to the open water.



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Orca Openwater fullsleeve wetsuit kids 10% discount Orca Openwater fullsleeve wetsuit kids (DVNV)

The Orca Openwater fullsleeve wetsuit kids offers high visibility for open water swimming with bright neon orange arms. There is no way you can’t stand out in the open water! The 1.5-2.5mm Yamamoto neoprene coverage provides great freedom of movement in the water and a perfect barrier to the cold water. Conquer the seven seas with great visibility! This wetsuit is made of 38-cell and 39-cell panels.



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Zone3 Adventure kids wetsuit 13% discount Zone3 Adventure kids wetsuit (WS18KADV101)

The Zone3 Adventure kids wetsuit is designed with a lot of the features used in the adult collection but with some slight changes to make them more specific for age range. 

Having attended a number of children's triathlon events over the last few years, Zone3 were extremely impressed to see how many under 16's were taking part and how much effort was being made by the participants. There is no doubt that some extremely quick triathletes will be coming through in the next ten years.



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