Wetsuits kids

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Wetsuits kids


Blueseventy Torpedo kids wetsuit 10% discount Blueseventy Torpedo kids wetsuit (WSTFS-17-BLK)

This Blueseventy Torpedo kids wetsuit is made for is specially made for the younger generation. Because the kiddos are always watching, and learning by example. So when it is their time, they are ready. And before you know it, they are flying by on your side. Tailored for ages 8 to 12 years old, with all the benefits of warmth, buoyancy, and safety, it is just right to take young athletes from the pool to the open water.



  Your discount €20,- (Incl. VAT)

BTTLNS Oceanus 1.0 full sleeve wetsuit kids + Gift Sale BTTLNS Oceanus 1.0 full sleeve wetsuit kids (0120020-122)

The BTTLNS Oceanus 1.0 long sleeve wetsuit is the ideal wetsuit for open water swimmers, recreational swimmers or swimmers who like to swim breaststroke. Because the wetsuit features the striking neon orange color, you are always highly visible in the water. The wetsuit is equipped with the right neoprene materials to protect you, but also makes sure you can't break it! The Oceanus is the perfect ratio between price and quality because it responds to the wishes of the target group and is made of the right materials.



  Your discount €69,05 (Incl. VAT)

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